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Grand Opening for That's How We Do VR Hockey

We are proud to announce that we are bringing Sense Arena technology along with a state of the art training facility to Big Boy Arena!  We are 1 of only 3 locations in Michigan.
What exactly is VR Hockey Training and what benefits does it bring to my hockey player and their team?

    - VR Hockey Training helps Individual Players and Goalies with their game scenario read and reaction times.  It's a system that truly trains your brain.  Players will go through baseline diagnostic testing, analyzing strengths and areas for development.  Your trainer then creates a personalized training plan that is benchmarked against your team, or players of the same age group.  Players will receive a hockey report card which is an excellent tool to track development as a player.  It is also an excellent tool to have during tryouts. 

    - VR Hockey Training for Teams and Coaches helps develop the teams performance and differentiate themselves from other programs.  Train your team with a new brain training tool that is used by the NHL, NCAA, and other top teams in 8 other countries.  Imagine being able to track and specify area's of development for your players and then implement those in true game scenarios. Well now you can!  When you work with us you can help develop the training plan for the players on your team and watch them grow.  Improvements have been seen in as little as 4-6 weeks. (Team Rates Available)

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