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open skate

First timers and experienced skaters alike can recognize the unique fun ice skating brings to the table.  Big Boy Arena hosts open skates frequently to allow families and friends alike to get out of the house and enjoy an activity like no other. 

Are you ready to hit the ice?


just getting started?

Big Boy Arena's LTS program provides the opportunity for participants to develop fundamental skills to help them succeed both on and off the ice. Semesters can be 6-8 weeks long. Ready to get started?

Fraser Figure Skating Club (FFSC)

Big Boy Arena is home to the Fraser Figure Skating Club (FFSC). FFSC offers instruction in all styles of skating and fields several synchronized skating teams. They offer skating opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.


Looking for more?


Power skating

Suzy’s program teaches good training ethics as the foundation for instruction on proper skating technique. Each program offers individualized training on forward and backward strides, stopping, crossovers, and use of both edges.

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