Stick & Puck

Equipment Requirements:


Rules: You must reserve a spot to skate on the session. 
NO shooting pucks at the glass!

Reserve your spot!

Now you can register online!
You must still check-in at the front desk!

Limited to 20 guests per session

Admission $10.00
Goalies not charged - Goalies can call to register or walk-in
Pucks are not provided

Ice Hockey

Session Times:

Friday, July 30th
4:10 pm
6:10 pm

Saturday, July 31st
11:00 am
2:10 pm
5:40 pm
7:30 pm

Sunday, Aug. 1st
11:30 am
2:10 pm
4:10 pm

Check back soon for more times available.

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hockey glove_edited_edited.png

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Hockey Stick and Puck